Examination of the Eye of a Horse

Jeg kjenner et menneske, en absolutt sunn tredveårig landsmann, som for tre år siden skjøt sin nabos hest, fordi den så på ham fra siden. Merk: fra siden. Mannen vet ingen annen grunn til sin gjerning enn den, at hestens skjeve blikk boret ham sinnssykt gjennom nervene. Da han ikke torde åpenbare denne latterlige grunn […]

Camille Norment Trio at Lisboa Soa

Performed at the first edition of Lisboa Soa this weekend. Excellent festival run by very professional people in really inspiring and beautiful surroundings. We ended up on doing a mix between a performance and concert, based on the ideas we got after spending some time in the room. The greenhouse has a very specific acoustic, […]


Working hard on doing MoE promo and composing these days. And added some extra work to my life by getting a extra job as a project manager. But managed to catch some shows. Jan Garbarek Group, Blow Out, Fire! Orchestra, Astma + Friends. Heres a shot from Astma and Marhaug/Ex/Alberts    

New MoE album

Listening to the test press of the new MoE album. Our most pop sounding album by far. I did all the recording/engineering and most of the production, and Jørgen Træen mixed and mastered it. Pain Jerk and Sheriffs of Nothingness contributes with some beautiful overdubs. Album is scheduled for October 8 2016 on Conrad Sound/Wallace […]

New Moon Relay video

Really looking forward to the new album by our former label mates in Moon Relay (They moved back to Hubro, while we went back to ourselves.). Moon Relay has been one of the most interesting guitar oriented bands on the Oslo scene for a few years now. And they have proven their skills in transcending multiple […]

MoE vs Smartphone

A live clip of MoE from Velvet in Fukui, Japan. This shows a modern smartphone desperately trying to capture a rock band. I really enjoy listening to recordings made on smartphones and comparing it to how I personally experience it. Thinking about the kids who grow up now, and who consume music only this way, makes […]


Will be updating the bandcamp for Conrad Sound the upcoming weeks. Hopefully starting to sell some physical releases as well. But right now direct email or our discogs is the fastest/easiest way to get hold of our records.

MoE Australia tour

Did a decent amount of gigs in Australia in April. Ended up with 15 shows from Melbourne to Lismore in about 17 days. Long drives in surroundings from desert to tropic areas, a country that seems to contain just about everything you can imagine from the natures side. But as usual we were not there to […]